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This is an advocacy programme that sensitises members of the general public about the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Despite having numerous organisations embarking on the same, the pandemic requires concerted and collective approach in dealing with it, hence the need for this programme.
It takes the sensitisation approach with an aim of being flexible in the way messages are developed, i.e. radio plays, testimonies, interviews, panel discussions and so forth.

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Tipewe 11 - 13 - July 2018

Target : General Public

Tipewe 15 - 17 May 2018


  • To inform members of the general public about the evils of the pandemic;
  • Advocate for adherence to ways of mitigation, i.e. antiretroviral therapy;
  • Mitigation of stigmatisation of infected and affected persons.

Expected Outcomes

  • A well informed society on the dangers of HIV/AIDS pandemic;
  • Reduced levels of contraction of the virus;
  • Increased use of antiretroviral therapy (ARTs);
  • Reduced levels of stigma.

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