What it's all about

This is a bottom to top radio program that provides an opportunity to the communities to demand development, accountability, transparency and responsibilities from the duty bearers. The citizens demand the development project, demand responsiveness on the projects that have stalled and highlighting projects that are benefiting the communities in their respective areas.

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Tilindi Mau 19 - 24 - August 2019

Target : General Populace

Tilindi Mau - Kalira Primary School 07-12 April 2014


  • To empower communities to demand development in their communities.
  • To provide a platform to the communities to demand accountability and responsiveness from duty bearers on developmental projects that started well but stalled for various reasons.
  • To cover developments that are benefiting the area so that others can emulate.

Expected Outcomes

  • Citizens are empowered to demand developmental projects for their communities
  • Duty Bearers are accountable and responsive to the demands of the communities
  • Developments that are benefiting the communities are covered for replicate to other communities.

Program Angle

Bottom to top approach where the communities are provided a platform to have a voice on the developmental agenda concerning their areas.

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