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The program’s name is derived from a torch/flash light that helps people see properly where they are going and tread carefully to avoid falling in the pit or hit an object. It is from this background that the program aims at addressing issues that affect people in line with either the constitution of the republic of Malawi and acts. Experts (lawyers, police, judges, magistrate and paralegal officers) are engaged to explain and interpret the law so that the citizenry make informed decisions when confronted with a situation that requires application of the law

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Target : General Populace

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  • To Provide insights on what is contained in the constitution of the republic of Malawi.
  • To inform the citizenry about their rights and entitlements as enshrined in the Constitution of Malawi

Expected Outcomes

  • Citizens are empowered with knowledge on constitutional rights.
  • Citizens are able to demand their rights and entitlements.

Program Angle

Informative and interactive program where the Law expert explains what is contained in the constitution on different thematic areas and listeners are allowed to ask questions through phone-in or SMS.

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