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What it's all about

This is a morning interactive radio program where the citizens are given space to speak on issues of development, good governance and decision making by ensuring freedom of expression as enshrined in the Constitution. The topic for discussion is shared with the listeners and in return they provide their views accordingly. This is a bottom to top radio program in which listeners express their views through phone-in and SMS.

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Dzukani Tigawane 18 February 2014

Target : General Populace

Dzukani Tigawane 21 April 2014


  • Providing platform to the rights holders to express their opinions on the topic under discussion.
  • To accord an opportunity to the duty bearers to listen to what the citizens say about a particular issue for them to take an appropriate action.

Expected Outcomes

  • Citizens express their views on the topic under discussion in order for the duty bearers to take action.
  • Duty Bearers are held accountable and responsive to the suggestions provided by the citizens.

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