President Chakwera for improved education standards

President Chakwera says he is committed in improving Education sector in the country.

President Chakwera said this today, during the opening of 2022-2023 national budget meeting at parliament chambers.

Speaking during the address, Dr. Chakwera said his government will construct 851 classrooms and 120 houses for teachers in the country.

‘‘We will   implement compulsory education for primary school going children and also increase the number of teachers, teaching an learning materials in response to expected enrolment,’’ said Dr. Chakwera.

The president said, government has also accelerated completion of the construction of three teachers training colleges in Mchinji, Rumphi and Chikwawa.

According to the president government has also commenced construction of 250 secondary schools under the secondary education expansion development as well as 308 classrooms, 120 teacher houses, 60 hostels among others.

President Chakwera also said they have partnered with the private sector to construct hostels in all public universities.

Commenting on this education analyst Lucky Crown Mbewe has commended the president for the his vision to provide necessary support towards the education sector like construct 851 classrooms and 120 houses for teachers among others

Speaking with maziko radio Mbewe said this will boost the quality of education in the country.

‘‘First of all there is need of doing an analysis in terms of what was commited in the previous budget and see what how much has been accomplished since then so that we can be able to justify  what the president has said in the SONA,’’ said Mbewe.

However Mbewe is of the view that people should not be overwhelmed with what the president has said since it has been the same story and politicians are sometimes good at making promises.

President Chakwera delivered  the state of national address at the opening of the 5th meeting in the 49th session of parliament on 3 February 2022 under the theme fixing the systems to deliver long-term priorities and diffuse short-term pressures.

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