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Project Interventions
Rights Based Approach project
in Ntchisi District (2008 to 2011)

Dan Church Aid,
Lugede Chiumia
Mobile: +265 888843706 | +265 996788012

  • Consultation meetings,
  • Community Mobilization
  • Setting up Radio Listening Clubs
  • Empowering citizens with knowledge on their rights & entitlements
  • Food security Cross-cutting issues; HIV/AIDS, Gender mainstreaming
  • Gender Based Violence
Advocating for accountable
and equitable of public resources and service delivery through radio
(2012 to 2015)
Dan Church Aid,
John Chawinga,
Mobile: +265 88109 6197
  • Empowering citizens with knowledge & skill to demand better service delivery from service providers
  • Advocating for Service providers to execute principles of responsiveness, accountability & transparency
Promotion of good governance and development through radio
(2012 to 2014)
Tilitonse Fund;
Fannie Nthakomwa:
Mobile: +265 997952702
  • Conducting training sessions & broadcast informative radio programs for communities where ordinary people were given knowledge, information and skills related to their rights and entitlements
  • Mediation between citizens and service providers
  • Production and airing radio programs
Integrating Behaviour Change in Nutrition
Farm Radio Trust
George Vilili
Mobile: +265 999201072
  • Production and airing of promos, jingles, 30-minute radio programs on;
  • Food planning
  • Dietary recommendations for Infants and children under five.
  • Food, household and body hygiene.
Agricultural Advocacy
Farm Radio Trust
George Vilili
Mobile: +265 999201072
  • Fall army worm program,
  • Tipindule ndi Business ya Ulimi wa mtedza program,
  • Chuma chili Nthaka program 
  • Inoculant
Nutrition specific and Nutrition sensitive interventions
World Vision
Gerald Maulidi
Mobile: +265 999 543 819
  • Produce and air promos, jingles, and 30-minute radio programs on Nutrition
Women Empowerment - Improving Resilience, Income and Food Security
CARE Malawi
Hazel Kantayeni
Mobile: +265 994 834 006
  • Produce and air promos, jingles, and 30-minute radio programs on; Nutrition, Improve food security, income and resilience for chronically food insecure rural women through their social and economic empowerment
Government accountability and effectiveness improved
Local Government Accountability Performance Program (LGAP)
Mike Chipalasa
Mobile: +265 884 763 703
  • What are the roles of Members of Parliament?
  • Roles of the Ward Councillors
  • District Development Fund Management of Local Development Fund and Constituency Development Fund
Moyo Ndi Mpamba
Story Workshop
  • Prevention of Malaria
Sustainable Livelihood Improvement Project
Tear Fund
Aaron Lewani
Mobile: +265 888 36 11 87
  • Increased crop production and crop diversification at household level 
  • Increased community and household capacity to sustainably manage natural resources 
  • Increased economic empowerment at household level through enhanced entrepreneurial skills and access to loans
UN Women
Mrs Maganga
Mobile: +265 994 423 489
  • The impact of women MPs in their respective constituencies
  • Success of stories of Women MPs

Maziko Radio Station
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