Malawians mourn departed renown musician George Mkandawire

Tributes continue to pour in for departed gospel musician George Mkandawire who died yesterday in Zambia.

Wednesday afternoon, many people in the country were shocked to learn the demise of one the country’s finest gospel musician George Mkandawire.

Famed for his songs Thanthwe, Ulendo, George Mkandawire died in Zambia after a heart problem.

George Mkandawire died on Wednesday in Zambia

His demise has been described as a huge loss to the nation by fellow artists. Fellow musicians have described George Mkandawire as an inspiration to both gospel and secular artists in the country.

In an interview with Maziko radio station, one of George Mkandawire’s closest friend Rev Chimwemwe Mhango said he will remember Mkandawire for his skills, talent and uniqueness.

Mhango defined Mkandawire as a rare talent.

“George was a unique figure. He was massively talented. George was was an extremely talented, the he used his gift of composition, the way he used to write his songs. His vocal gymnastics. Geroge was on another level that we could not compare with many in this country”, mourned Rev Mhango.

Mhango : George Mkandawire has left a huge gap in the music industry

According to Mhango, Mkandawire brought in a new flavor to music industry in the country, and that he has left a huge gap which cannot be filled. Mhango said he will remember George Mkandawire for his talent, uniqueness and personality.

“It’s a big loss to the nation because the replacement of such talent is not possible, and such talent are a rare. George brought in a new flavor in the music industry, he was an inspiration to many musicians in the country. This is a big blow to music industry in the country. We mourn him. We are really sad and quite painful”, said Mhango.

On his part, Lucius Banda said it is painful that George Mkandawire has died.

According to Banda, George Mkandawire was a humble person with a unique character.

Banda : I will remember George as a humble and unique person

“It is so painful. George was a humble guy, he could work with anybody. It’s painful that we have lost him. I will remember him as a unique guy. I worked with on a song called anafera iwe. He was always cheerful. May His Rest in Peace”, grieved Banda.

Goerge Mkandawire came into the limelight in the early 2000s with albums such as Ulendo.

According to Rev Chimwemwe Mhango, details about George Mkandawire’s burial will be communicated in due course as they are waiting to be granted clearance of his body from Lusaka, Zambia where he was residing.

Vigil is being held at Ndirande in Blantyre which his parents reside.

Born in 1974, George Mkandawire hailed from Nkombezi Village in Rumphi District and has died of high blood pressure


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